Course for winery management, vineyard management and wine marketing
At Al CFP Salesiani Bardolino Tusini

For eighth-graders, who have to face the important choice of high school, at CFP Salesiani Bardolino Tusini we offer a new training course, unique in Italy: CELLAR MANAGEMENT, VINEYARD MANAGEMENT and WINE MARKETING operator.

In a territory like that of Vinitaly, where the demand for work in the wine sector continues to grow, our professional figure aims to respond to the pressing request of companies regarding the lack of qualified personnel in the management of the winery in all its phases, including the marketing of the product.
This new educational path, unique in Italy, aims to train a professional figure with solid technical-practical skills who works in synergy with the managers in carrying out the activities. Participates in the phases of choice, care, conservation and processing of grapes for the production of wine; collaborates in the management of the machinery and in the control of the vinification phases.
The role he plays therefore is that of someone who has practical and operational skills, which allow him to operate in the management of the cellar and in particular in the phases of reception and treatment of the grapes, pressing, care of the must, fermentation control, racking, clarification, bottling.
As for the management of the vineyard, the phases involved are pruning, thinning, treatment and harvesting.
For the wine marketing part, the student acquires marketing and branding skills to increase competitiveness while respecting the typicality and quality of the product, he will have skills in wine tourism and hospitality management in the cellar.

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