Marchesi Fumanelli

The Estate of Squarano where the Cantina Fumanelli is based is located in the heart of the most classic Valpolicella, on a hill surrounded by cypresses.
Here the Marquises Fumanelli began to produce grapes and fine wines from 1470 on the remains of ancient Roman plants.

There are numerous inscriptions and archaeological artefacts in the villa, including the remains of a temple dedicated to the goddess Flora in the park.
Likely, the villa of King Berengario in the 10th century was also located on the top of the hill of Squarano.
Since 1998 the ancient cellars, after a careful restoration, have returned to host the ageing of the classic wines of Valpolicella in the oak barrels.
Just as in the fifteenth century, ageing occurs in the ancient tuff barriques while winemaking is supported by the most modern technologies.
The company has kept its identity intact over time, pursuing consistency and integrity of style recognizable over the years, where elegance and territory are the watchwords.

The production is mainly focused on traditional wines, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone and Amarone Riserva but these are accompanied by other wines, including white ones, all produced strictly with grapes grown on the property.

The harvest, strictly carried out by hand, is the most important moment of the year:
Only the bunches that are healthy and ripe at the right point are selected, collected in crates and taken to the lofts and cellar where their transformation or drying period begins for the production of Amarone.
Even in the more technical phases, respect for raw materials is very important. The vinification technologies used make it possible to maintain and enhance the natural qualities of the grapes: the goal is to minimize the mechanical impact on the grapes and must and achieve excellent results starting first from great raw material.
Believing deeply in the value of a land as enchanting as that of Valpolicella pushes us to have the goal of enhancing and honouring it by producing quality wines with passion.

Marchesi Fumanelli
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