Le Marognole

“Le Marognole” is a family winery founded in 2004 by Fabio Corsi.

The winery is located on the hillsides of Valgatara, in the Marano Valley, the heart of classic Valpolicella.
The winery name embodies the essence of the surrounding area -- Marognole, its birthplace -- and originates from the name of the typical walls of stones in this land that terrace the hillsides: in the local dialect they are “MAROGNE”!

The land is ideal for the cultivation of the finest Valpolicella grapes that are hand selected for the production of remarkable DOC and DOCG wines, such as the Amarone, for example.

In fact, the vines originate from the deep history and vinicultural traditions of the valley.

The Corsi family has cultivated these vines for generations. Fabio has grown up in this family and in the 2004 he began producing wine under his own label. Today, Fabio personally oversees all aspects of the winery operation with the assistance of his family.
This land is perfectly suited for the cultivation of these vines. The property consists of 6 hectares of Valpolicella estate-grown varieties.

Each of our vineyards has unique characteristics and qualities that they impart to the fruit. They are 350 meters above sea level and enjoy exceptional exposure to the sun and to the cool winds.

The composition of the vineyard soil is calcareous and tufaceous, which provides optimal drainage during wet seasons along with excellent moisture retention during dry periods. In this way, the grapevines do not experience excessive variation in conditions during the seasonal changes.

Our vineyards are closely monitored in every phase of their vegetative cycle; and, if necessary, some bunches are trimmed to ensure the highest quality fruit is achieved. As the vines grow, they are trained to the “pergola” method.
The harvest is carefully performed by hand and all the family is involved.

The “appassimento” starts during the first stage of the harvest and lasts approximately till the end of winter. During these months, the grapes are submitted to some changes and by losing about 40-50% of their water content, they concentrate the level of natural sugar and the pulp is enriched by new aromas and deep flavors. This gives structure, body, complex aromas and rich colors to the wines. “Appassimento” occurs naturally in the open-sided building called “Fruttaio”.

After the “appassimento” process, the grapes are pressed, and maceration, vinification, and refinement follow. Finally, at the end of all these meticulously managed steps, the finished wines are bottled. 

Vinification cellar is equipped with a temperature control system on all the stainless steel tanks. This is critical to carefully control the fermentation and stabilization phases. The wines are transferred to French oak tonneaux and barriques for refinement and aging, and then stored in the historical cellar.

We are very pleased to guide all our visitors through the winery including the “Fruttaio”, along with the fermentation and historical cellars. The visit will conclude with a personal tasting of our wines. We are open all days – Sunday upon request.
To arrange for your visit, contact us.

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Le Marognole
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