ASD la Punta del Sole
archery association

The Association, founded in 1997, aims to promote and enhance the countryside archery
in all its manifestations, and is affiliated to EPS CSAIn.
The ASD La Punta del Sole is a permanent voluntary association life center, it is a non-profit organization and operates for sporting, recreational and cultural purposes.

The ASD La Punta del Sole organizes archery courses and is open to information and cultural stages.

Archery is an activity that takes place in the middle of nature and can
be practiced by the whole family.
Country shooting is a suggestive and fascinating specialty of Archery. It is a new and very old sporting activity at the same time, rich in tradition and absolutely in harmony with the need to establish a new and dynamic relationship with outdoor life and unspoiled nature.
Nature, in fact, offers particularly suggestive scenarios that we usually limit ourselves to observing: the
campaign shooting allows you to experience them; this discipline is carried out using templates
three-dimensional depicting animals that help to develop the dynamism of the archer and the speed of execution in the archer. Moving targets, timed targets, exploitation of the morphology of the terrain to create shooting difficulties, light effects in the bush: these are the elements that make our sport unique in its kind.
Archery was practiced in ancient times with rudimentary wooden or horn arches. Nowadays modern technology has developed extremely advanced tools, such as compounds, and even wooden arches have nothing, if not the shape, of their ancestors.
All types of bow and all shooting styles find appropriate space in the Country Shooting: from the archer who wants to shoot with historical arches, built with skill and passion following drawings found after long research in some old vintage tome, at the technology lover, who wants to use the most modern solutions that the current market is able to offer.


ASD la Punta del Sole
Via Lena di Sopra, 1
334 573 098 6

venue and training ground:
Via Lena di Sopra, 1
37022 FUMANE (VR)
Cellulare 334 5730986
from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
e mail: info06sole