A Cavallo tra le Stelle
L'equitazione in Valpolicella

A Cavallo tra le Stelle is a SOCIAL HANDLE characterized by a strong ethological mark where children learn to feel good about themselves and others through the relationship with our horses: respecting the animal in its different being, the differences are accepted and valued with others.

In our center we take care of the well-being and care of the horse as a whole.

Performed activities :

Equestrian walks

Equestrian walks are an environmentally friendly practice which favors the
discovery of the landscape and environmental, historical and food and wine heritage of the
Valpolicella, combining pleasure and moments of escape in harmony with the horse and nature
and are suitable for all ages.
Far from the stress of everyday life, horseback riding offers a breath of oxygen,
out of time to the rhythm of the horse's pace and they also become a moment of sharing both
for the whole family that groups of friends eager to get in touch with nature.
Suitable for practically everyone, at all ages and at all levels of riding, it is an experience
reassuring, calm and very pleasant in complete safety.
The little ones can also practice pony rides inside our riding school.

Summer camps

Our Summer Center is structured with a maximum of 15 participants, is inclusive and is based on sharing, playing, with many activities on horseback, vaulting, ponies, all in respect of our horse friends and sharing with the whole small group .

 The Summer Center is managed by professional educators with riding, vaulting and riding age development patents.

Pony adventure:

The approach of children between 3 and 6 years with the pony is a beautiful experience from all points of view, educational, motor, relational. The child is in no hurry to learn or gallop and must not demonstrate anything. Look for only the best way to create a relationship with the dreamed animal.


A Cavallo tra le Stelle

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