Parco delle Cascate di Molina

The Cascate Park is located a few minutes walk from the medieval village of Molina and is the ideal place for a walk immersed in the nature and tranquility of the woods and waterfalls.
Before going down to the park, a walk in the small town of Molina is essential, entirely built in Lessinia stone and structured in courtyards; the Mulin de Lorenzo and the eighteenth-century Mulin dei Veraghi have been restored and recall the industrious atmosphere of the many factories in Molina put into operation with the energy of water.

The peculiarity of this area is the abundance of water, thanks to the existence of perennial springs located north of the village of Molina which give rise to the waterfalls of the Park, facing overhanging rocks and creeping into narrow and humid gorges.
The biodiversity present in this area is also recognized and protected by the European Union, which has included it among the Sites of Community importance and subjected to monitoring to safeguard botanical and fauna species at risk of extinction.
The park offers visitors an uncontaminated environment to explore through differentiated naturalistic paths, well marked and interspersed with rest points to enjoy the coolness of the waters and the stream.

Parco delle Cascate di Molina
Via B. Bacilieri
37022 Molina VR
045 772 018 5

From April to November 1st: open every day
In the winter months open on Sundays and holidays. Closed during the Christmas period.