Valpolicella Benaco Banca

In 1984 Marano di Valpolicella and Costermano saw the birth of two Banks, which over the years became Banca della Valpolicella and Benaco Banca, the first operating mainly in Valpolicella and the second in the Baldo - Garda area.

Two Banks that have grown over the years and have achieved excellent results, despite their small size.

For this reason, the Boards of Directors first and then the Shareholders, have decided to unite to create a single Bank, a Bank that maintains the role of local bank, close to its community and attentive to the needs that come from it and with the possibilities offered by belonging to the group of Italian Cooperative Credit Banks.

On 11 November 2012, in fact, the shareholders approved the merger between the two banks, which from 1 January 2013 became VALPOLICELLA BENACO BANCA CREDITO COOPERATIVO (VERONA).

To date there are 18 branches, 91 employees and about 3,435 members.

Valpolicella Benaco Banca