Accordini Igino

The history of the Accordini Igino winery begins in 1821 in the heart of Valpolicella, an area with a strong and deep-rooted wine-growing tradition. A passion born from a legacy received: three hectares of vineyards whose grapes were vinified only for the family, who loved to spend spring and free time in the Cru called "Le Bessole".

It is the beginning of a success story, from family production to national and international trade, thanks to the tireless and careful work of Guido Accordini, the son of Igino, and his wife Liliana, able to guide the company in innovation in the wine sector, without ever forgetting the tradition.

Such a close link with the territory necessarily leads to an awareness: for this reason the Accordini family has always had an eye for environmental policies. All the works aimed at perfecting the cultivation of vines are carried out respecting the morphology of the territory. The drip irrigation systems and the presence of artesian wells for each vineyard allow the optimization of water resources, ensuring maximum results without waste.

The protection of the precious environment of Valpolicella also passes through rigorous certifications that certify the use of plant protection products with low environmental impact and the use of modern equipment that minimize stress for plants.

Accordini Igino
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