Cantina Buglioni

WINERY Buglioni
It currently has 54 hectares of BIO vineyards cultivated directly with the traditional autochthonous varieties of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, Negrara, Perlara and the recent plants of Oseleta, Croatina and the white Garganega and Incrocio Manzoni.

In the fourteen hectares that develop near the winemaking cellar, in the hamlet of Corrubbio, the vines are grown with the traditional system of the "double pergola", historically linked to Valpolicella, while the remaining vineyards in the municipalities of Sant'Ambrogio and San Pietro in Cariano they are trained in Guyot, with a higher density of vineyards per hectare but a lower yield.
The characteristics of the soil, light, alluvial brown and rich in skeleton, the careful breeding techniques, allow to obtain grapes of the highest quality, some of which are destined for drying for the production of the most full-bodied and structured wines

Cantina Buglioni
Via Campagnole, 55
37029 Corrubbio VR
045 67 6 0 676