Toni di Gusto Gastronomia

The Gastronomy offers a menu to take away with you. The dishes follow the seasonality of the products and are inspired by the classic Venetian tradition. We offer dishes from our Veronese home cooking, with some very personal interpretations and some digressions, or if you prefer to escape, to other territories.

You can also stop in Gastronomy, we welcome you for your lunch break. In Gastronomy you will find many proposals and ideas to take home. Not only sweet but also savory. The assortment is appetizing, varied and changes according to the season. Jams, pistachio and chocolate creams are placed next to pesto, pickled and pickled vegetables, Italian specialties and lots of spices. You can also come to us to organize your event. We can think together about the menu for your office break, for hospitality in the cellar, for the event that you are organizing at your home or in your company. Choose and bring the dishes for your picnic with you. Gastronomy is the solution for the lack of time or a sudden, laziness to cook.

Toni di Gusto Gastronomia
Viale Ingelheim, 45
San Pietro in Cariano
349 136 206 8