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Associazione Ristoratori Tavole della Valpolicella

The Tavole della Valpolicella Restaurateurs Association brings together a group of restaurateurs from Historic Valpolicella, family restaurants that have been dedicating themselves to local cuisine for generations and people who have enthusiastically wanted to dedicate themselves to authentic and respectful traditions.

The association was born with the specific purpose of rediscovering and protecting the ancient flavors of Valpolicella. It promotes and protects the food and wine culture of the area through hospitality, cuisine and wines.


Associazione Ristoratori Tavole della Valpoli
via Osan, 45
346 327 533 8
Initiative sponsored by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2016 for the Veneto region, Axis 4 - Leader.
Responsible Organism of information: Valpolicella Wine Route
Managin authority: Veneto Region Management Plans and Programmes of the Primary Sector.