Cantine Bolla

In 1883 Abele Bolla founded the cellar in a little town in the Veronese. The first Amarone, vintage 1950, and the Bolla brand came into being in 1953. This was the beginning of an era of successes at international level.

In 1989 Gambero Rosso defined Bolla as a “National Oenological Institution” and representative of Italian wine around the world.

Great Italian story with an eye towards the future. From a unique land in the heart of Valpolicella, Bolla quality. This is the virtuous path which the wine does not forget.

In 1950, the grandchildren of the founder of the Pedemonte in Valpolicella cellar bottled his favourite wine to celebrate his 80th birthday. This was Amarone. That was the beginning of the commercial history of this wine. Launched for the first time by Bolla, it is renowned all over the world today.

Cantine Bolla
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