Itkò Wine Bar & Restaurant
ITKō, fish dishes in Valpolicella!

A place that goes beyond the schemes of Valpolicella, with a strong personality, refined, welcoming, informal and relaxing, with attention to every detail, where the proposals based on fresh fish and the atmosphere that accompanies the guest, are the hallmark of the Wine Bar and Restaurant in Valpolicella.

The Wine Bar in Valpolicella ITKō: Aperitif, after dinner, smart lunch or easy dinner In the Wine Bar, inside or on the terrace, we will welcome you with delicious proposals in flavors and combinations, strictly based on fresh fish, oysters, shrimps, tartare, gratinature, fritters, to combine wines, timeless aperitifs or our alternative cocktails.

The Restaurant in Valpolicella ITKō:Lunch and dinner, quality seafood
In the restaurant, the culinary proposals of fish originate from the search for the product and the simple processing, which leaves intact the flavors for a healthy and light cuisine, which follows the seasonality of the sea and the garden. We also offer an alternative menu for vegans, vegetarians or meat.


ITKō was born thanks to the will of three friends. . .

born by chance, like passions that you don’t choose, but just happen. Stefano, the supervisor of the cuisine, Matteo, wine selection and hospitality, Serena, the interpreter of your wishes in the management of events. Ask the right person and you’ll have the answers you’re looking for!

Itkò Wine Bar & Restaurant
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 12
37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella VR
045 242 376 1