The Winery Giovanni Ederle

Giovanni Ederle’s winery is a small reality on the top of the nearest hill to Verona old town. Nowadays, the cellar is located inside the old family house and it works the grapes of seven hectares vineyards, all placed on the hills of the Valpolicella area.

The entire process is managed with the biological production system. Just to move forward with this new belief, for ten years chemical substances are not plugged on the grounds.
Giovanni as a black sheep of a lawyers family started from zero and made his own experience. Now you can appreciate the heart of his birthplace represented by the wine he makes.
Family has always been relevant in all his growth phases, especially the strong relationship with Camilla, the sister who now runs the Agriturismo and hospitality.
The wines produced here are a great expression of Valpolicella, in particular, you can enjoy Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto, together with still white wines as well.
In the farm are also produced honey, olive oil, grappa, vegetables, fruits and goat cheese.

Despite its small size, the winery is the most followed in the world on Instagram.
The bond with the family has always been a key point in the growth of the company, in particular with the mother, to whom one of the finest wines has even been dedicated.

La cantina Giovanni Ederle
Via Santa Giuliana, 2
045 91 379 7