Stefano Accordini
Passion and dedication as engines of a project towards healthiness and environmental sustainability


The history of the wine producer Stefano Accordini began at the beginning of the 1900’s when Gaetano Accordini, the father of Stefano, produced wine as a share cropper. In the 1970’s, after the abolition of share cropping contracts, Stefano bought the first vineyard of the Accordini Family – “Il Fornetto” located in the valley of Negrar, achieving the dream of building a winery.

Stefano produced Valpolicella wine for the local market until 1982 when his sons, Tiziano and Daniele, foresaw that the company would have developed only if it had been fully aware of the demands of the future. After having re-examined certain technical and quality aspects of the business, the family planted new vineyards, replaced the old barrels and modernised the wine production methods, moving on to tackle foreign markets. Every day the company works 25 hectares of vineyard in the highest region of the Valpolicella Classica district, which means the wines can be defined as the production of “mountain” wine. Thanks to the particular climatic conditions and the soil quality of this area, the wines have characteristics which are unique and unmistakeable. The fourth generation, made up of Giacomo, Paolo and Marco, continue to work with passion and dedication in the activity of the family, concentrating on the salubrity and awareness of the impact on the environment. All vineyards of the company are cultivated according to biological methods, and the new agritourism B&B structure is run on energy obtained from solar panels.

Stefano Accordini
Località Camparol 10, Fumane, 10
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