Corte Fornaledo
Thanks to the passion of the older generations our wines can now be found on the tables of the best italian restaurants.

In a secluded place, just above the ancient town of Purano and connected to it by a very short stretch of road, sits the Corte di Fornaledo.
The courtyard is isolated from the district of Purano and enjoys a splendid view of the entire Fumane valley and the foothills of Mount Pastello.

The Borghetti family settled in Fornalè at the beginning of the 1800s and since then has managed the same lands with an undiminished dedication to the territory of Valpolicella and its wine. After years and years of producing grapes and selling them to renowned wineries in Valpolicella, the two brothers Giacomo and Francesco Borghetti have officially started their own winery's business with the 2009 harvest.

Corte Fornaledo
Località Purano - Marano di Valpolicella Verona 37020 Italy
Marano di Valpolicella
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