ILatium Morini
The Ilatium name expresses our ancient and noble roots, wich charachterize deeply the unique taste of our wines

More than forty years have passed since our parents founded this activity, which was small and unpretentious at first, but supported by a lot of enthusiasm.

Today, we, as seven siblings and cousins, are still as passioned and fully committed to this activity that has, in time, reached considerable dimensions.

The love for country life and for the cultivation of the vine, are the true basis to the birth of Ilatium. We engage in the production of fine wines such as Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone, the quintessence of our warm lands of Illasi, territories of ancient and roots.

The origins of our village can be traced back to the ancient Romans who, passing through remote lands of conquest, found here an ideal environment for the cultivation of vines, olive trees and fruit trees. The locals began to call them the Latii, "those of Lazio". The historical findings - a few worn stones accidentally unearthed while plowing - testify that we are the caretakers of two thousand years of history.

Two thousand years that have seen a succession of various rural populations who have spent time and strenght in taming these lands, previously covered by woods. The same lands today have come to offer what the whole world envies us: our wine. Everything that constitutes our past is the result of passion, dedication, sacrifice. The name Ilatium is a reminder to us and to all who appreciate good wine, of the noble and ancient are roots from which our products originate.


ILatium Morini
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