Terre del bosco
The Piccolboni agricoltural enterprise is a modern company, enrichened by a deep family history and strong roots in the territory


For three generations the Piccolboni family has been cultivating the land, with dedication and commitment and always being conscious about the environmental impact on the territory: we give importance to the seasonality of crops and we follow by heart all the environmental norms concerning agricultuarl activities.

The farm was born from tradition and a passion that is part of family history. The rice of the Veronese plain grows on the remains of a wood that has now disappeared, it is represented by two rice varieties: Vialone Nano and Carnaroli. These two rice production ane proudly grown by our enterpise and are linked to our unique brand, a symbol of quality and love for the territory: Terre del Bosco.
From grandfather Gelmino, to his son Fabio, a tobacco producer, to his grandson Mattia, tradition and
agricultural vocation of an entire family, have created a modern company, attentive to quality of production, new technologies, energy saving, respect for the environment but also well rooted in the territory and its history.
This is the Piccolboni Farm.This is Terre del Bosco.


We deal with the production of two main rice categories: Vialone Nano (the first rice of European community being protected by the I.G.P brand) and Carnaroli; both are obtained through the classic procedure, which does not completely eliminate the peels external to the rice, obtaining a semi-finished product with a characteristic amber color. This gives the rice a greater cooking resistance, and also a better flavour in terms of taste.
Both types of rice are also presented in their integral form, obtained with a husking classic even more selective, leaving a greater quantity of "peels" on the rice


Terre del bosco
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