Vantorosso was born from the meeting between a successful driver, Vanni Pasquali and Franco Allegrini, a lifelong friend and great wine producer from Valpolicella. Franco is the Maestro, owner of Allegrini Estates.

Vanni is a driver and car tester. A champion of the race.
His story is a path of success, made of perseverance and ambition.
The same ones that he transferred to this new wine project: Vantorosso.
Vantorosso starts from a story of friendship and collaboration that led a man, with pride, to revive a place that has long been abandoned, says Vanni:
"After a run with my friend Franco in the hills of Montalcino, in Tuscany, I looked around and said how much I liked the vineyards and the soft hills of Tuscany.
And here he replied: 'You too can cultivate your land and make your own wine.'
In my life I have always felt a strong bond with my father. I have fragmented and distant memories, but the memory of a place is precise: a farmhouse in the
Fumane valley, in Valpolicella Classica, surrounded by uncultivated and sunlit woods. I went back and after a while I decided that this would be my new challenge. "

In 2015 Vanni starts with the "Vantorosso" farm.
He redeveloped the land, planted the vineyards and in the meantime took over others. His family is always with him. “I don't like to say that I love to win, I'm always looking for the right pace, for
what will be a difficult challenge. Henry Ford said that winning a challenge is tangible proof of the quality and performance of the car.
In the vineyard the relationship between man and vineyard is very different from the one a driver has with his own car. I understood that we must respect the times of nature, that the rudder is not only in the hands of man.

It takes patience, sensitivity and observation skills. A good dose of humility, application and constancy. I am aware that I am not an expert winemaker, but I have in mind the wine I want to make. "
“I thought of the name Vantorosso, because in my life as a driver I have always dreamed of racing for a famous Italian car manufacturer. Certainly not because I pride myself on merit or particular skills. This is not the idea.
The concept of pride is linked to the dream and the challenge, to the ambition to do well, to the will that this project continues beyond those who started it.
The only merit I would like to possess is that of having given new breath to my father's land. "
As Drake Enzo Ferrari used to say ...
"If you can dream it, you can do it."
Vanni's enthusiasm and passion for Vantorosso also infected two longtime friends, passionate about Valpolicella and good wine, to the point that they both wanted to be part of this project: Giuseppe (Beppe) and Stefano.
“I will share this extraordinary adventure with them and once again it will be on the riskiest corner
that I won't have to be afraid to step on the accelerator. "


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