Giacomo Montresor Cellars

A family history

The Montresor family has French origins:
comes from the small Chateau Montresor
medieval village in the Loire Valley.
In the mid-1600s a branch of the family did
moved to Italy, in Veneto, near the
Lake Garda, and there he found the right environment
to continue to mature one of the
main family business: viticulture.

In 1892 Giacomo Montresor founded the
Cantine Giacomo Montresor by moving the
company headquarters in Parona di Valpolicella in
place where it still stands today, giving life
to a production that, from then until today,
is an identity expression of its origins:
an identity and a style equal to no other.


At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Montresor company
was one of the first to export overseas:
in those days wine was not considered
a luxury product and in the long journey
from Italy to the United States the bottles
were stored on the deck of ships,
where the sun exposed the wine to oxidation e
Thus it was that Giacomo Montresor began
protect the bottles with the system of
satin finish and in 1921 patented the first
Satin bottle.


In 1941, the son of Giacomo Montresor,
Bruno, installed a new dedicated line
to the production of Veronese wine flasks
intended not only for the local market but
also to the thousands of customers in the North
America and Italy. After the Second War
Worldwide, the activity resumed and was born in 1946
the Recioto Amaro della Valpolicella:
the Rustego.
An absolutely new wine for the time,
fruit of the withering of Corvina grapes,
Rondinella and Molinara.


Since the early 1950s, the Cellars
Montresor were among the protagonists
Italians from the Bitter world, a lot
that a division was developed
"Montresor Wines and Aperitifs"
which he produced and distributed for over
40 years many products intended
to mixed drinking.

1956 - sparkling wine making

In 1956 the Commendator Bruno, always
in search of innovation, he decided to
investing and dedicating resources to a non-product
purely typical of the area: the Spumante.
In 1956 he bought the first autoclave for
sparkling wine. Thus began the long
Montresor tradition in the production of
quality sparkling wines, carrying, through
years of experimentation, to the “Method
Charmat Lungo Montresor ”and one of the
first products to be made sparkling
was the Recioto (historical photo).

Recioto Amarone 1969

In 1952 a ship sets sail from the Italian coast
bound for the port of Quebec City, on board
there are the first wooden crates identified
from a brand in focus:
“Classic Veronesi Montresor Wines”.
In 1969 in Canada, he was presented
Amarone della Valpolicella DOC in
satin bottle, still an icon of wine
in North America.

How does this past coexist with the present?

Today the historic cellar continues to exist
in the same entity as the past: it occupies
an area of 12,000 square meters, of which over 8000 are covered
and intended for production. Of the latter,
2,800 are underground cellars for aging
and the aging of great red wines, while
the granary, which houses the drying grapes,
occupies an area of about 1000 square meters. 40%
of production is sold in Italy, while the
60% is exported abroad, where Montresor wines
are present in 55 countries of the world from various
decades. Today the leading markets are: USA
and Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica e
Caribbean, South America and Brazil as well as a few
Pacific countries such as Japan, Malaysia,
Singapore and Australia.


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