Azienda Agricola Fugolo Gianluca



The Azienda Agricola Fugolo Gianluca was born in Pescantina, in the heart of the Valpolicella area, a few steps from Lake Garda.

Family of farmers for four generations, where the passion and love for the land have been handed down to Gianluca thanks to the work and commitment of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Today Gianluca, following in his father's footsteps, leads the family farm with the same dedication and tenacity, growing peaches, vines and olive trees.

"The fifth-generation, to which I am passing on my same passion and vision of agriculture are my daughters Michela and Sofia."

The vines of the Fugolo Gianluca farm are grown in the "Campagna" vineyard, located a few steps from the peach orchard and the olive grove. This union guarantees a richness to the landscape and a balance for the soil and biodiversity.

The company also cultivates a small portion of olive trees on the morainic hills of Lake Garda.

A look towards the future, without forgetting the teachings of our peasant grandparents: this is how our products are born.


The sweetness of freshly picked ripe peaches, the scent of our native vines in a glass of wine, a drizzle of oil on a slice of bread, are the products that we will let you taste immersed in the greenery of nature.

The white, yellow and nectarine peaches represent the traditional cultivation of the Pescantina area.

Our wines with Veronese and Molinara Corvina grapes represent two native vines rich in history.

Extra virgin olive oil to tell the elegance of the morainic hills and the microclimate of Lake Garda.




Our white, yellow and nectarine peaches are harvested between mid-June and the end of August when the peach reaches the correct degree of ripeness.

In the period following the flowering we proceed with the manual thinning to preserve the quality to the maximum and eliminate those fruits that are too small.

The harvested peaches are processed within the day and passed by hand on the machine that allows us to wash and calibrate them.

The colour of the skin of the fruits is very extensive and intense, the pulp is consistent and juicy, with a characteristic flavour due to the right balance between sugar content and acidity linked to the low vegetative activity of the plants and the particularly favourable climate, thanks to the protection of the hills. and the mildness of Garda.

Our farm grows yellow and white peaches and nectarines from June to August.



COLOR: Oil characterized by a colour ranging from intense green to golden yellow.

BOUQUET: The nose shows a medium-intense fruity scent reminiscent of healthy and fresh fruit.

TASTE: The palate shows strong notes reminiscent of herbaceous and sweet almond.

VARIETIES: Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccino and Grignano.

PAIRING: Ideal with pinzimoni, first courses, meat and fish carpaccio, cooked and raw vegetables.


COLOR: Intense ruby red.

BOUQUET: The nose presents an elegant wine with a bouquet that recalls cherry and small red fruits with a hint of spice.

TASTE: Velvety, soft, full-bodied and persistent taste. A rich wine that enhances the peculiarities of Corvina.

PAIRING: Red wine ideal with red meat dishes, game, game and aged cheeses. It is recommended to serve at a temperature of 16-18 ° C.

COLOR: Light pink colour. Sparkling wine from “pink” vinification of Molinara and Corvina Veronese grapes.

BOUQUET: Fresh, delicate scent.

TASTE: Dry and harmonious flavour characterized by a slight petiage.

PAIRING: Ideal for aperitifs, cold cuts and delicate cheeses, fish main courses. Serve at a temperature of 7-9 ° C.


COLOR: Light pink colour. Still wine from “pink” vinification of Molinara and Corvina Veronese grapes.

BOUQUET: The nose looks like an elegant wine that recalls the citrus scent of grapefruit and mandarin, apricot and peach.

TASTE: On the palate, it is presented as a wine with a harmonious, fresh, pleasant and mineral flavour

PAIRING: Ideal with fish, shellfish, light dishes and soups. Serve at a temperature of 9-10 ° C


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