Fratelli Vogadori

We are a Family: Alberto, Gaetano and Emanuele are three brothers working together in the land to get ou wines! It is the third generation we are winemaker: the first was my grandfather which bought the land from the local count and he teached us the passion for the land and for the wine.

Our wines are “environmentally-friendly”: no chemical fertilitation, no chemical treatments, no insecticide and no herbicide. It’s really important to respect the environment to get good wines! Also for the energy: we use only the one produced by the  photovoltaic panels on the winery roaf.

The  respect for the environment is essential to get quality wines.

We are open every day (8-12am 1-6pm),  the sunday morning (9-12) and the sunday afternoon by appointement.

We have also avaible some rooms in the side of the winery where our guests can stay and relax: here there is a wonderful view of the valley!

Fratelli Vogadori
via Vignolo, 16
328 941 722 8
045 485 397 8