Agriturismo Thirta

Thirta from Sanskrit, means "place where you wade the river", therefore the place or means by which it is possible to cross from this reality to another dimension. It is a door, physical in our case.

Agriturismo Tirtha is located in the Adige Park area near the river, at the foot of the Valpolicella.

The structure, designed according to the principles of the Indo-Vedic architecture of the Vastu, is restored and organized according to the criteria of bio-architecture and energy saving, fully usable by guests with disabilities, also welcomes animals. Here guests have the opportunity to spend a beneficial stay, in a quiet and comfortable environment down to its details, starting with the use of materials, up to the study of the spaces and the context, with vegetarian and organic breakfasts and breaks. All choices made so far that contribute to creating a favorable atmosphere, where you can work or stay while taking advantage of all these conditions that integrate and qualify the activities carried out at Thirta.

Regarding the spaces, in the structure you can take advantage of two rooms of about 50 square meters, very bright that overlook the green of the countryside, with the floating wooden floor and heated, suitable for physical work where you work barefoot, one of which with a private access to a lawn where you can practice outdoors, also suitable for teaching and conferences. The structure also has a large hall of about 130 square meters, again with a heated wooden floor, suitable for both activities and conferences, which overlooks the park where it is possible to carry out activities. A study and a massage room are also available. Supplied it is possible to have carpets, back jacks, tables, chairs, blackboard, stereo system, mixer, microphone, video projector.

The exteriors interact with the building and with the elements of Nature. The park is designed as a quadrangular-based yantra, with a large circle in the center where it is possible to practice and light the fire. Even the pergola surrounded by greenery follows the same energetic geometry of the yantra. At the bottom, instead, you reach a beautiful clearing on the river, where you can relax by benefiting from the prana and the energy of the water. An ideal place to practice yoga, meditation and other relaxing activities. From here through a 'door', you enter the Adige river, where you can enjoy a pleasant and beneficial walk, also reaching the town on foot. Events and work groups With its spaces for meetings and seminars, the BioAgriturismo Tirtha is welcome events and residential work groups. Its location is logistically strategic, being located at the foot of the Valpolicella, a few kilometers from Verona, Lake Garda and the mountains and easily accessible from the motorway and the airport.

Agriturismo Thirta
via Tremolè, 18a
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E-MAIL:  info@agriturismotirtha