Il Ridotto delle 4 Ciacole

Il ridotto delle 4 Ciacole is the Trattoria Tipica Veronese of the 4 ciacole. The Scandogliero family, which since 1904 selects and refines cured meats and cheeses, after the experience of the 4 ciacole and the pantry of the 4 ciacole site in Roverchiara( VR) and after the padding of the 4 ciacole located in Verona decides to arrive in the vineyards Marano Valpolicella in Badin 16.

A Trattoria, nestled in the heart of Valpolicella, where they are valued meats and cheeses National and not only and the typical materials of ours. Steaming Risotti, stewed Gunancie di Mora Romagnola and homemade desserts to color everything. Currently about 200 National labels and do not complete a gastrnomical proposal enjoyable and never discounted.

Il Ridotto delle 4 Ciacole
Via Badin, 16
Marano di Valpolicella
045 961 779 2