Gruppo Italiano Arredamento S.r.l.

We try to give your environment a very precise character, combining the furnished space with the traditions of the territory, through the development of an aesthetic that always takes into account the context, the traditions of the place in which it will live, its history, and the person.

The ambition is to always recreate a state in which domestic warmth is respected, while keeping an eye on the contemporary and the technology used to improve performance and result. We believe in the power of ideas, in the obstinate search for a balance between beauty and avant-garde, values that have always distinguished the Italian style in the world, developing a mood that expresses emotion and at the same time rationality and elegance.
The exclusivity of the finishes and materials that we choose and use, often anticipate the markets, with previews that cannot be found in conventional structures such as regular furniture stores, offering an "infinite" possibility of combinations, novelties, and originality in the proposals.
This makes us reference points for every kind of need and request. In recent years, we always have an eye for the economic aspect, also allowing private customers to buy (by appointment) directly in our athelier factory, thus skipping the common commercial refills of normal stores, to the advantage of the best value for money on products of high quality and value.

Gruppo Italiano Arredamento S.r.l.
Via G. Garibaldi, 2
San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)
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