Gruppo La Vigna

The La Vigna association was founded in Negrar by a group of indigenous people in 2010, the main purpose is to promote the territory through the rediscovery of traditions.
We started with recreating Santa Lucia traveling around the neighborhoods, eventually giving birth to a party in the square that is Negrar by candlelight.

We were also the protagonists of some evenings for young people in the summer and we actively participated in other initiatives by providing logistics, equipment and arms, always in the context of initiatives in the municipality.
We support the Pro Loco in the realization of the Palio del Recioto and today we embarked on DiVin Negrar.
The group is well composed and varied and has about twenty active participants among its ranks who in the case of the DiVin have reached 40 in order to manage the 6 points, and the meeting.

Gruppo La Vigna

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