associazione A.S.C.D. Vespa Club Pescantina.

It all began on the evening of November 14, 2002 when in his uncle's tavern, Riccardo Milani (President) finally realizes the dream of owning the much desired "Vespa": from that moment on the star lights up, Riccardo becomes more and more passionate about his vespa (mod.

50L) by disassembling and reassembling it several times and to understand its history, culture and charm.
A great love broke out which was consolidated in 2009 when the important decision was made to create a Club, based on a group of young people not only linked together by the Italian symbol par excellence that is the Vespa, but also by the desire to do, to make themselves to know and want to make more and more people passionate about this fantastic world. From these assumptions the “Vespa Club Pescantina” was born, also immediately recognized by the Vespa Club Italia within its historical register. Right from the start, this young group of guys made itself known by the people of Valpolicella as a close-knit group with a great desire to party.
2010 sees itself as a year of consolidation of the group and confirmations with the achievement of 60 members up to 130 in 2022, together with various organized events (such as national and international trips, rallies and regularity competitions ) and again the enormous desire to give everyone the emotion that only the Vespa can give us.

associazione A.S.C.D. Vespa Club Pescantina.
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