Agriturismo Dongili

Agriturismo Dongili Vegetarian Cuisine

Using the products of our land we are faced with unexplored possibilities.

The vegetarian cuisine of the Dongili Farmhouse was born from the desire to collect a series of recipes focused on the enhancement of foods in their total integrity, as "mother nature made them", savoring the intrinsic taste in them, enhancing their genuineness and precious nutrients that compose them.

It is for this reason that the ingredients used for catering are almost completely produced in the farm garden, to take care of their growth and respect for the seasonality of food.

Vegetarian cuisine is a very stimulating theme for a contemporary cook who can thus combine vegetables from the culinary tradition of the Veronese area with experimental products and combinations that allow him to maintain the genuineness and history of indigenous cuisine while still fitting into a context international.

Agriturismo Dongili
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