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The Fraccaroli family has been producing wine since the 18th century.

Once it was done directly in the underground cellar of the Valpolicella villas. That of Casa Fraccaroli has now become the Castrum Wine Bar & Bistrò.

The underground part of the rest of the property, on the other hand, houses the new cellar built in the 1980s by Paolo Borghetti, Giampiero Borghetti's father.


From father to son

Giampiero Borghetti
Promoter of the Valpolicella area, Paolo had set up his own line of wines by creating two commercial brands: Le 4 Vigne and I Tre Santi.
The son Giampiero Borghetti, direct descendant of the Fraccaroli family, after 25 years of work abroad, returns to the family home and continues the winemaking business using traditional methods with the support of modern technologies.
And he revives tradition and makes wine in the cellar of Villa Fraccaroli, the current location of the Castrum Relais.

The Castrum line
Exclusive labels

Cantina Giampiero Borghetti dedicates the CASTRUM wine collection to the works of the sculptor Innocenzo Fraccaroli: a premium line of 5 Valpolicella DOC wines with exclusive labels inspired by the artist's most beautiful sculptures and 1 pure Corvina IGT.

You can find this wine collection only at Castrum.

Wine Shop

The Castrum Relais is also a showcase for the winemaking excellence of the Valpolicella Classica, the territory we want to promote all over the world. We have selected for you, in addition to our collection of Castrum and Borghetti wines, eight other farms among the most prestigious and well-known in the area.

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