Antica Trattoria Locanda B&B da Bepi

The Osteria da Bepi was the tavern in the square, the hospitable place where a glass of Valpolicella accompanied an always hot soup or salami with polenta toasted on the fireplace.

It is now a restaurant where traditional cuisine is interpreted with passion and imagination: excellent raw materials intersect with ancient recipes, creativity and execution skills.

Back in 1920, Bepi, armed with passion, good will and spirit, decided, after a careful analysis of the surrounding hills and especially in the neighboring villages, to open a tavern.

However, the word tavern does not reflect all that it really was for the citizens of Marano: it was a place for exchanging ideas, stories, traditions, flavours, communion and conviviality.

The testimony of the importance that this place held is to be found in the last three digits of the telephone number: 001. This shows how it became the first public telephone post, even before the Town Hall of the same town.

While the name and fame of the tavern increased, the family also grew, from Bepi it passed to his son Rinaldo, known by all as Aldo, a real institution of the country who carried on the business through the tiring 30s and 40s despite the hardships of wartime.

With the Fifties, however, warm news arrived: on October 24, 1951, Aldo married Rita, from whom four boys were born. The couple became the heart of the Osteria.

In fact, Rita became one of the pillars of the place with her passion and skill in cooking the dishes with which she had grown up. Despite the passage of time, Aldo and Rita always remained in those places where they were born and where they decided to raise their family, just as the Osteria maintained its tradition despite the arrival of modern times.
The tradition now continues with Vittorio and Camilla in the kitchen.

Antica Trattoria Locanda B&B da Bepi
Via Valpolicella, 14
Marano di Valpolicella Verona
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