Azienda Agricola Cottini Marco

The history of the Cottini Marco company is rooted in time, born in the early 1930s by the skilled hands of his grandfather who, with the production of the first bottles, mainly intended for personal consumption, began a long tradition that led the family Cottini to turn their passion into a real job as wine producers.

We are in Fumane, in the heart of Valpolicella, the historic production area of Amarone Classico. The company, in its total 15 hectares, reflects the identity of Marco who, together with his wife Renata and daughter Carlotta, manages all phases of the production chain with love and dedication, giving life to the great classics of Valpolicella, however allowing himself the delight of some wines from Lake Garda, light and fresh, and other native products. What really distinguishes the Cottini Company is the particular attention to the grapes. This seemingly trivial concept is actually the secret of the incredible quality of Cottini Marco wines. Every good wine can only come from a great vineyard!"

Azienda Agricola Cottini Marco
Via Casetta,, 11 B
37022 Fumane (VR)
342 805 907 5