For over a hundred years the Recchia family have been master wine makers. For  many generations the family has lived in the heart of  Valpolicella in the valley of  Negrar. Wine making is in their blood. Their love for the local terrior and the traditions make their wines special.

What makes a great wine? Knowledge of the land, the growing of grapes and the traditions of wine making are combined to make a great wine.

The Recchia family has learnt to cultivate the highest quality grapes. Which is the most important thing in the art of wine making. They have chosen the best land, with the best soil types and position for grape growing. They have then selected the best grape varieties for the production of the different types of wine. Then they decided on the best trellising support for the grapes. The process takes time but after a hundred years the family has had had time to develop.

The new generation has enlarged the wine cellar. Building on the heritage and philosophy  that they have received from their fore fathers. The latest technology has been incorporated into the  traditions to improve the quality of the wine.

What makes Valpolicella  wines different from the other wines of Italy?
Valpolicella is a unique area. It is at the beginning of the pre-alp slopes with south facing valleys  on the edge of the Padana plain.  It is a short distance from the ancient roman town of Verona. The area traces its wine growing traditions back from the Roman period.

The wine process is also unique? Only the best perfect grape bunches are chosen to make the  special wines of Amarone and Recioto. These bunches are picked by hand and delicately placed in plateauxs or reed beds. These grapes are left to wither for 4 months increasing the levels of sugar, flavour and intensity of colour. This process is what creates our special wines.


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