Tedeschi Wines

Harmony, elegance and character: these are
the marks of distinction that define the Tedeschi wines which are deeply
rooted in the village of Pedemonte in the Valpolicella. Tedeschi winery is one
of the wineries that have made the wines of Verona known all over the world.

The unmistakable wines come from vines growing in the best hills of the
Valpolicella region (15 hectares in the Classica area and 28 hectares of in the
Valpolicella DOC region) which produce native varieties of grapes, some of
which have been reintroduced thanks to careful selection and cultivation. The
refined winery techniques, in turn, permit the best interpretation of the “terroir”
rendering each wine with the Tedeschi label a true product of Valpolicella that
is unique and inimitable. The Tedeschi collection comprises all the classic
wines of the Valpolicella and Veronese regions and it has brought back to life
some of the old techniques characteristic of the area.
The company’s objective has always been to produce wines with body,
bouquet and structure but above all wines which are elegant and well
balanced and it’s philosophy is founded on continuous innovation in order to
promote quality without, however, departing from traditions.

Tedeschi Wines
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 4/A
Pedemonte di San Pietro in Cariano
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