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Villa Monteleone

A few kilometers from Verona, in the heart of the Classic Valpolicella is Gargagnago, the Borgo dell’Amarone, known for being the home of the descendants of Dante Alighieri. Anthony and Lucia Raimondi settled in 1988 in Villa Monteleone, a 17th century building surrounded by a park declared a national monument and by a splendid vineyard, with the dream of producing genuine and absolutely typical wines.

The following year, having purchased the first equipment, they started the vitivinification activities in the traditional style. Wandering through the cellars of the valley, confronting the producers and making many sincere friendships with the inhabitants of the district, Anthony and Lucia, they dedicated their time and passion for years to try to make that "spirit" of Valpolicella their own, which lives in the words and gestures of the farmers of the area. The continuous updating of structures, viticulture and equipment, their deep and sincere passion for Valpolicella wines and the knowledge acquired have therefore led in recent years to the transformation of their private cellar into a company aimed at a small production of high quality. The work in the cellar takes place scrupulously following the ancient and refined winemaking techniques typical of Valpolicella. Most of the grapes, harvested by hand and stored in small boxes, are of such quality that they can be dried up to the pressing, which takes place, based on the characteristics of the vintage, between the end of January and the beginning of March . After a slow fermentation at controlled temperature, the wine is aged in small oak containers (barrels or barriques) for several months until reaching the right degree of maturation.
Company Products

Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico “Campo Santa Lena”
Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico Superiore Ripasso “Campo San Vito”
Amarone della Vapolicella D.O.C. Classico “Villa Monteleone”
Amarone della Vapolicella D.O.C. Classico Riserva “Campo San Paolo”
Recioto della Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico “Palsun”

Villa Monteleone
Via Monteleone, 12
Gargagnago di Sant' Ambrogio di Valpolicella
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Initiative sponsored by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2016 for the Veneto region, Axis 4 - Leader.
Responsible Organism of information: Valpolicella Wine Route
Managin authority: Veneto Region Management Plans and Programmes of the Primary Sector.