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Pietro Zardini

My Winery traces the origins of the beginning of 1800 with Leonardo Zardini, agriculturalist and wine maker, he was the progenitor of Zardini's. A long path, made of history and sacrifices, has developed this small and familiar wine cellar here and now.

Since 2000, I'm taking care the Winery on my own, and in these last few years I dedicated myself with taking up a technical and structural process renewed, concerning high quality wine-making, first of all, Amarone and Ripasso Austero, popular wines of my country.

This long trip gave me a fund of experience, oenologic culture and tradition, creating the peculiarity of the wine, where the ancient and the modern scents and flavors enhancement seems taking us a way back…this is the history that we can tasting up to our days, where the wine is made with love and passion

All that…is my world.

Pietro Zardini
Via Cadeniso, 514
San Pietro in Cariano
347 400 201 6
045 680 098 9
Initiative sponsored by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2016 for the Veneto region, Axis 4 - Leader.
Responsible Organism of information: Valpolicella Wine Route
Managin authority: Veneto Region Management Plans and Programmes of the Primary Sector.