Azienda Agricola Coffele Alberto

Our History

For every great wine there is a story and this is no different for the Coffele Wines. The story starts with an encounter of love; the love of Giuseppe Coffele and Giovanna Visco. As their passion grew for each other, so it also did for the land, for the vines and for the search of excellence in winemaking.

The roots of this lay in the traditions of the family Visco, a historic winery of Soave that goes back to the mid-nineteenth century and harvest its grapes from Castelcerino, which is one of the best areas for the wine Soave Classico.

The story moves to the present where we meet Alberto and Chiara Coffele, respectively winemaker and sales manager. Today, the vineyard boasts an area of 25 hectares (75 Veronese fields), which mainly cultivates Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave, but also includes Chardonnay and Sauvignon, as well as in recent years, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

On 2003, the size of the Estate has increased by buying 6 hectares in the “enlarged” Valpolicella area, more precisely in a small hamlet of Cazzano di Tramigna, called Campiano. It is from there that the Coffeles' have started the production of the Valpolicella and of a great Amarone della Valpolicella.

It is here the Coffele wines were born, behind the ancient door where you find the winery located in a 16th Century residence. It lies in the heart of the historical centre of Soave, a place where the ancient traditions still live on and therefore ideal for wine tasting.

Alberto: he defines himself as a “young traditionalist”. Starting in 1994, with the supervision of his father, Beppino, he personally took on the supervision of production: from the choice of the root stock to when to start the bottling process.

Chiara: From 2001 she has literally followed our bottles all over Italy and the world, looking after public relations and the commercial side of the business.

The Historical Location
In the historical heart of Soave, behind the apparently austere façade that reminds us of a time past, there lies a dynamic and vibrant business, today run by the siblings; Alberto e Chiara Coffele. With the help of their parents, Giovanna Visco and Giuseppe Coffele, from whom they inherited their passion for the land and the vines, Alberto and Chiara would like to invite you to taste their wines in the winery situated a few steps away from the castle of Soave. It is a place steeped in passion for good wine, where every member of the family will welcome you with the same care and attention as shown to their wines.

Our Land
Our land covers a single area of approximately 25 hectares, from 120-400m above the sea level in the hills of Castelcerino, Soave. The vines are situated on a south-westerly facing slope, which always has sun and a breeze, and they are surrounded by olive and cherry trees and woods.

On 2003, the size of the Estate has increased by buying 6 hectares in the “enlarged” Valpolicella area, more precisely in a small hamlet of Cazzano di Tramigna, called Campiano.

We have adopted a cultivation system that has minimal impact on the environment and excluded the use of weed killers and fertilizers in a chemical base. We belive that fertilizing the land in fundamental so as not to deplete the land over the years and therefore, we exclusively source and use organic matter that is produced from within the vineyard because we know from where it came.
With the 2014 vintage, we obtained the certification of Organic winery, first in the Soave Classico area.

Our “Appassimento” of the Grapes; the “Sponde” RoomAfter many years of experimentation, we have chosen to return to the traditional Veronese system od drying (“appassimento”) where the grapes are attached to a vertical framework and left to dry for many months and sometimes even until April. We are the first in our area to do this. This system is much more expensive and requires a lot more space, but the results are far better as the grapes are dried to a higher quality when compared to other drying system. As a result of this, in 2003 we built a fruit loft or “fruttaio” so as to be able to study this process in more detail. The location is a result of a deliberate choice. The room was built on a ridge (Sponde) of a hill where there is never any fog and, where we have noticed over the years, has good air circulation. Taking advantage of these optimal conditions, we then looked into a software system that would automatically regulate the opening and obtain the best level of humidity and temperature within the fruit loft (fruttaio). This allows an “appassimento”, which is more natural (also the characteristics of the winter will pass to the wine) and allows a considerable saving in energy as we are able to do without humidifiers and air conditioners.

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