Corte Martini

A passion for the land and vineyards were the reason why my father Lino moved to a small farm with a farm house built in 1601 in the “I Martini” region of Torbe di Negrar.

From that moment on a passionate adventure in the agricultural world between marogne (dry walls) and alzari (small scarpate) that knows no rest, had its starting point.

The work in this farmland, once part of the property Villa Salvaterra di Prun, is mainly focused on the vineyard, but also on olives and cherries according to ancient farming traditions.

In the historic winery “I Martini” with arches from Pietra di Prun wine with high quality was already made in 1908, and with the advice from my father I follow old traditions.

Corte Martini
Via Martini, 3
Torbe di Negrar
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