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Cà Botta

It affirms its absolute principles as the fusion between respect for tradition and openness in search of new production techniques that can ennoble the quality of its wines.

The first estate is that of Rossino in Soprazocco di Gavardo, where the typical wines of the Lake Garda area are produced.

In a few years it was realized that two products come off as quality clearly from all the remaining production.
Our goals

Hence the choice to dedicate the estate exclusively for the production of Reasling and Chiaretto, further improving its quality.
The estate in Valpolicella is dedicated to the typical wines of the area with particular attention to the most modern production criteria, which allow a long-lasting maturation for all the types produced.
The quality of the workmanship and its results, have reached such levels of merit, for which our company has been contacted by some operators of the wine sector, to patent some machines that allow to reproduce the winemaking and drying systems in place in our cellar

Cà Botta
Via Cajo
045 982 875
045 982 875
Initiative sponsored by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2016 for the Veneto region, Axis 4 - Leader.
Responsible Organism of information: Valpolicella Wine Route
Managin authority: Veneto Region Management Plans and Programmes of the Primary Sector.