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After a long and careful genealogical research, the surname was found to be the diminutive of Franks. In fact, it seems that the Franchini lineage came from distant Gaul. The great-grandfather Cesare, the grandfather Emilio and the father Aldo settled in Negrar in the locality of Dosso, Forlago and San Ciriaco.

The historic house and winery of Corte Forlago, built around 1430, has typical Roman characteristics "Romanesque face" with stones and lime typical of the area.
In the ancient Court there is also an old icehouse where there is a farmyard called "sèlese" for drying cereals.

The farms of the Franchini family extend over 9 hectares, 4 of which are used as vineyards and are located at an altitude ranging from 280 to 400 meters.
About 3 hectares are located in the "Terre di Forlago" area (Costa d'Angelo vineyards and Mirabelle vineyard), while another hectare, called the "heroic hectare" or "extreme" due to the slope that distinguishes it, is located in the Monte Marognin area. . It is here that the grapes harvested are of excellent quality for the Amarone Riserva.

All operations in the vineyard are carried out by hand, from pruning to natural fertilization. Particular attention is paid to the manual harvesting of the grapes: we select the best bunches which are then stored in small wooden boxes (about 7kg), ready to be put in the well-ventilated fruit cellar for drying. After about 120 days the grapes lose at least 40% of the water, the grapes are then pressed to obtain the
precious must that will become Recioto or Amarone.

Currently the wines produced are:

- Amarone Riserva ” Costa d'Angelo” DOC

- Amarone"Forlago-passione " classico DOC

- Ripasso classico superiore DOC "Mirabelle"

- Ripasso classico DOC "Orti Baul"

- Valpolicella classico DOC "Casa Forlago"

- Valpolicella classico superiore DOC "Sèlese"

- Rosso di Verona IGT "AZZARDO"

- Recioto “Monte Marognin” DOCG

- Passito Bianco “Sio Gioanin” IGT

Franchini Agricola
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