Gerardo Cesari

Founded in 1936, Gerardo Cesari soon became synonymous worldwide with wines from the Verona area.

Back in the early Seventies, Cesari Amarone was one of the first to reach all five continents thanks to the enthusiasm and initiative of Franco Cesari, son of the founder Gerardo, whose original vision was to produce a great Amarone, capable of competing with the best Italian and international red wines.

And so began the success story of Cesari wines all over the world.

Today, Gerardo Cesari sets itself further targets: to respond to the market by producing unique, elegant, fine, balanced wines, drawing on tradition but using the latest knowledge in vineyard cultivation, using environmentally sustainable growing techniques and offering consumers the guarantees of a certified wine-making process. A constantly evolving firm that still keeps faith with its land and its origins.

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Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC
Ripasso Bosan - Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC
“Mara” Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore
Recioto della Valpolicella Classico DOC
“Nibai” Soave Classico DOC
“Boscarel” Veneto IGT

Valpolicella Classico DOC
Bardolino Classico DOC
Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC
Soave Classico DOC

Amarone Classico 1990
Amarone Classico 1993
Amarone Classico 1995
Amarone BOSAN 1997
Amarone BOSAN 1998
Amarone BOSAN 2000
Amarone BOSAN 2001

“Bosan” Amarone
“Il Bosco” Amarone Classico DOC
“Jèma” Corvina Veronese
“Cento Filari” Lugana DOC

Grappa di Amarone BOSAN

Gerardo Cesari
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