Albino Armani
Albino Armani Four hundred years in the vineyard with infinite passion for wine

The history of the Armani family and that of viticulture in the Adige Valley, proceed together without interruption over the centuries. The first document (now preserved in the state archives of Trento) which testifies to its activity in the field of viticulture dates back to 1607, when the ancestor Domenico signed a notarial deed that gave him land with "trees and vineyards" that belonged to the father Simone.

Today "Albino Armani Viticoltori dal 1607" means territory, or rather TERRITORIES.

The historic property in Dolcè, in Valdadige, is flanked by other estates in Veneto (including the classic Valpolicella and San Polo di Piave dedicated to biodynamic wines), Trentino and Friuli.

In each of the five cellars the common thread is a terroir capable of restoring the characteristics of the area of origin to the wines.

The headquarters remain in DOLCE ', where it is possible to visit the CONSERVATORY, a small vineyard cared for like a garden, a place of the viticultural memory of that land.

There are carefully cultivated 13 varieties of endangered vines which until a few decades ago constituted for a large part the viticultural heritage of the Valdadige and Vallagarina.

Albino Armani
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