Verona Sped

Shipping company with twenty years of experience. Our goal is to invest in research and development in the transport of wine and food all over the world.
In recent years we have worked on packaging innovation, know-how, in the search for the best specialized networks with the help of high-performance digital tools.

We believe in the continuous challenge to improve quality levels every day.

The Food & Wine sector represents our core business and we boast highly specialized professionalism and experience.

• Wine tourism: tourist wine shipments
• Commercial agreements with American importers accredited with licenses for delivery to private individuals in the USA
• Shipping of wine samples to importers-buyers.
• Order shipments to fairs or events
• Shipments with excise duty payment in Europe.

The evolution and growth of the market linked to food requires special attention and quality services.

• Shipping of fresh and frozen food all over the world
• Shipping of fresh and frozen samples all over the world
• Picking service (topping up dry ice and coolant)
• Temperature-controlled shipments to retail businesses
• Fresh, frozen and dry shipments for individuals (E-commerce)
• Check list of documents
• Customs management and feasibility on commodities
• Choice of the best specialized network

Verona Sped
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San Vito di Negrar
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